We are an association of EACOP project affected communities based in the Albertine region of Uganda, EACOPAC is dedicated to promoting sustainable environmental use, human rights, and land rights of vulnerable

We bring together the EACOP project affected communities especially  women, Youth, Elderly, religious,  cultural, local council leaders to work together and ensure that the project activities doesn’t negatively impact community livelihoods and environment.   

Our Objectives

  • To promote environmental conservation amidst oil exploration and development in the Uganda.
  • To promote human and land rights of venerable communities amidst oil developments in Uganda
  • To empower communities to demand for transparency and accountability in the management and utilization of oil resources.
  • To advocate for effective participation of project affected communities at all levels of oil developments through a meaningful consultation and engagement
  • To advocate for green economy and a just clean energy transition in Uganda


The organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts of environmental conservation protection of human and land rights for the poor and the venerable communities who were affected by the EACOP oil project in Uganda. Through the lobby, research, and community education, EACOPHC works with vulnerable communities, cultural, religious, and local government leaders
to ensure that natural resources are utilized in an environmental conservation manner and land rights of vulnerable communities are protected

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Uganda is among African countries affected by current climate change

Land rights for women and vulnerable communities

The oil and gas sector in Uganda is at a critical stage

Sustanable developments

Uganda being a developing and agriculture country

Agriculture and food security

The emerging phenomenon of climate change has been ...

Environmental conservation

It is the primary role and responsibility of the communities ...

Agriculture and food security

The emerging phenomenon of climate change has been ...